Chillers / Cooling Towers


Chillers are precision machines that can be expensive to purchase and costly to operate. That's why it's vital that their selection and maintenance is carefully conducted. AMS has the know-how to help you choose just the right chiller solution for your facility and maintain it for optional performance.

Make the right chiller decision

AMS engineers will help you determine and evaluate your specific cooling requirements and specify the optimal machines to meet your needs. And we'll help you decide if you need a centralized, single unit or multiple de-centralized chillers for your facility.

Extensive chiller experience

AMS can offer you a depth of experience in all types of chiller installation and support services, including:

  • Air and water-cooled chillers – process and comfort cooling
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Data and service rooms
  • Process systems and equipment
  • Compressors (screw, scroll, centrifugal)

Cooling Tower Services

AMS provides many cooling tower services, including:

  • Resurfacing and epoxy coating
  • Fill material replacement
  • Installation and replacement (total equipment)
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