Energy Star Auditing

Energy Star Audits

Energy costs may add up to be your building's biggest operating expense. And that's where AMS can help. Our EnergyStar Audit provides a report on your current building systems efficiency. It's a low-risk option that can pay you back with high rewards. How high? An AMS audit and recommendations can mean a potential savings of 20% – 25% on your overall operating expenses.

Going green is all about saving money

It's also about being smart, about following a worldwide trend towards higher efficiencies and careful energy consumption. That's a crucial component for yielding fewer hydrocarbons into the environment and developing sustainable energy sources. Remember, buildings alone account for:

  • 70% of electrical consumption
  • 39% of overall energy use
  • 12% of potable water consumption
  • 40% of raw material use

And while you're saving money through your green commitment, you'll also be strengthening your prospects for the future. That's because study after study shows that consumers and businesses alike prefer working with green companies.

AMS makes it easy to identify the status of your current building energy operations – and measure the impact of future changes and modifications. We're a full-service, single contact point that lets you clearly see for yourself where your challenges and opportunities lie.

Our comprehensive energy audits include:

  • Mechanical system evaluations – to assess current system operations and provide lifecycle-costing analysis.
  • Building retro commissioning for additional energy savings.
  • LEED building certification – through our accredited experts and professional engineers.
  • Refrigerant upgrades to meet industry phase out timelines.
  • Water treatment and conservation improvement.

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